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The Launch Planner, Guide & Canva Templates

designed to help you plan, strategize, organize and promote the launch of your new website, brand, product or service 


You just spent months pouring your time, heart (and money) into a new website or product and are finally about to launch it...


You are excited to be done and proud of what you created, but...

Imagine this...


Your new website or product is worthy of all the launch hype and love, and you know that!


A launch plan sounds daunting and you're not sure where to start.

But Seriously..

And that's where I can help...


You don't want to sound pushy or spammy when promoting your new 'thing'


You are overwhelmed trying to organize and plan all your launch ideas


You don't have the time or energy to search through Pinterest for hours finding launch inspiration

The Launch Kit

A Launch Planner, Guide and Customizable Canva Launch Templates

Here's how it can help you out..


+  Includes a fillable & printable (8.5x11) PDF with over 35 pages to help plan

+ LAUNCH DISCOVERY: Help you find your launch voice, copy, and your messaging 

+  Organize: Create launch goals and your pre-launch vs. post-launch statistics

+  Hype Strategies: Over 12 launch ideas to get you motivated and brainstorming

+  Pre-launch and post-launch hype worksheet to start organizing your ideas

+  Focus Strategy Planner and checklist as you narrow down each launch strategy

+  Posts Planner to start writing the content needed for each strategy

+  Yearly, Monthly, and weekly Fillable calendar planners for your launch timeline.

Step-by-Step Launch Planner

watch a little overview here!


+   A breakdown on how to organize your launch files, the graphics and the content

+ 3 Example Email Sequences: welcome sequence, brand/website launch, and product/service

+ Launch Roadmaps: Breakdown of when you can start promoting your product for launch, example sales page layout, coming soon page idea, and suggested timeline

+ Brand & Website Launch Countdown: An example countdown with talking points, suggested graphics and emails to send

+ Product & Service Countdown: Example month overview on how to share your upcoming new product or service

+ Visual Layout: A mock instagram guide with countdown graphics, mockups, etc to show you how to use them within your launch and what to discuss on each day

+ Post launch: Tips on promoting your product after you launch

+ Launch Checklist & Website Checklist to use as you work through your launch process

+ Resource Links: Suggested sites or resources to check out during your launch

Strategic Launch Guide PDF


+   10 customizable Photoshop design templates to help create a stylish countdown, announce a sale or giveaway, share a quote or testimonial, make an announcement, share a sneak peek, etc

+ Templates NOW INCLUDED (Canva is a free template software that you'll love)!

+  6 customizable product mockups: Includes 2 website variations, iPad layouts, and Paper layouts to place in the product image, website and your graphics into

+  Includes both Square (1200x1200) and Vertical (1080x1920) that can also be used to share online, on your site, or in you blog

+  A VIDEO tutorial walking you through how to easily edit the templates and get the best use out of them

+   Includes over 35 hand-written words that can be used throughout your launch mockups and can be edited to your color choice  **ONLY to be used within the provided launch mockups (not on your site/branding/etc**

Customizable Launch Templates

This is just a small peek at what you'll receive!

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