Calligraphy Premade Brand & Logo Design Kits for Creative Businesses, Stylish and Chic Social Media Templates, Saffron Avenue,
Calligraphy Premade Brand & Logo Design Kits for Creative Businesses, Stylish and Chic Social Media Templates, Saffron Avenue,
Calligraphy Premade Brand & Logo Design Kits for Creative Businesses, Stylish and Chic Social Media Templates, Saffron Avenue,

A classic, creative and custom lettered pre-made brand made for those who are just starting their business, who are on a tight budget, who need a quick turnaround and who simply need help establishing a brand they love. We'll customize this brand to feel unique to you!


Classic & Royal Semi-Custom Brand: Cressida

Is it just fine? Or can it be better?

How do you really feel about your brand?

Someone compliments your brand, and suddenly, you get that boost of confidence and feel that dopamine rush. You know how much love you've put into your business and your brand finally reflects that. A brand that actually feels like you and is valuable.
This is the power of a brand that truly aligns with your vision.

Imagine this..

The value of a well-crafted brand goes beyond its price. it's an investment in your future clients or customers, a collaboration and process that leads to results you can't put a price on.

Are you going to look back 3 months from now and wish you chose this semi-custom brand?

02  /  final files

+ The Brand Board: To give you an overview of your brand, palette, elements and pattern.

+ Brand Stack: Recommendations of fonts with links to purchase and color palette hex codes.

+ Brand Graphics: See all the images above? You'll get some just like it with your own brand! I'll curate some for you ;) P.S. you'll even get some free stock images!

+ All brand elements in JPG, PNG, SVG, PDF in your brand colors.

01  /  The brand

+ Primary & Secondary logo: I will edit & customize the logo with your name and the layout  (if needed to fit)

+ The Brand Elements: If the brand includes custom lettering, a monogram, styled tagline, signature, etc I'll swap them out for your business.

+ Color Palette: With your homework, you'll provide me with a color palette. I can help hone it in for you too :) 

+ Pattern: Option to customize the pattern or replace the pattern with extra custom lettered words

here's what i can do

When choosing a semi-custom brand, try to look BEYOND the COLORS (and even the fonts ;) - It's important to look at WHY you are drawn to the brand when it comes to the layout of the logo, the brand marks, elements, and the pattern. 




Past Transformations

Peek at

Not sure what your style is yet? Use the code: BRANDSTYLE25 to get a $25 discount on the Workbook!

brand workbook

The Semi-Custom Brand Kits

My goal (like with my custom projects) is to still make them feel unique to you. Need a custom brand, SEE HERE!

only sold 6x

I only customize ONE per week, so first come first serve with open dates! Booking each Friday and often done within a week!

one per week

You get one revision (additional revisions a billed $250/hr). But, if you need extra elements & design, let's do it!


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a few notes about


+ This DOES NOT include extra custom lettering, the font licenses, or additional brand elements that are not listed on the brand board.

+ Because this is a digital product there are NO REFUNDS OR EXCHANGES and all sales are final - By purchasing the product you agree to our TERMS HERE.

+ These designs are copyright Scheffer Designs, Inc and are not to be copied, resold, or used for profit.

Please Note

Get this brand customized for you

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* NOTE: Customizing one a week! First come, first serve once homework is finalized *


launch ready!


Once finalized, I'll save all of the final files for you, create your graphics and send them off to you so you can start planning your launch!

the Design Day


I'll take your homework from the questionnaire, your colors, fonts, and Pinterest inspo and transform the logo into your own unique brand (and send you the preview within 24-48 hours)!

book & homework


After purchase, you'll receive an email with a link to choose your customization day and start complete the homework questionnaire. *P.S. I only book one of these a week ;)

choose & purchase


Pick the brand of your choice and head to checkout (there is a split pay option :) And keep your eye out for an email!

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