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elevated & creative brands that are
customized just for you by an in-house,
Experienced designer


Customizing one brand a week, first come first serve!

you'll have confidence with


share your business name, color palette & fonts


Choose a brand kit that aligns with you most

receive the brand customized just for you!


your new creative and cohesive brand

within a week

p.s. only six of each are customized


Brand Customizations


north south

customized brand for



sunday design

customized brand for


clover lane

customized brand for


story gem

customized brand for



We will replace the logo with your business name, your tagline, monogram initials  (or submark), custom-lettering (if included in the brand you chose), colors, and the option to change the primary font (if inline with the style of this brand, your palette, and your overall business aesthetic). We will also try to customize a unique pattern/texture for you and source 3-5 stock images! - You'll receive all brand elements in high res JPG, PNG and vector SVG and PDF. 


What is actually customized & included?

You'll receive ONE revision, which often will be a tweak to a color or a small layout adjustment. If you need additional revisions, they are billed/tracked at $250/hr.  P.S. most customers only need one as they are just wanting a minor revision :)


How many revisions do we get?

From your start day, it's about a week!!  Once you choose your day, submit your design questionnaire and provide your pinterest inspiration board, I'll personally reach out to you with any questions/comments. If your brand has custom lettering/calligraphy , it might add a day or two. But, MOST brands are turned around within a week :)


How quick will I receive my new brand?

You have a couple of options! 1. You can definitely send me a working palette (EX: neutrals, pale sage green, sandy pink) and your Pinterest board. From there I'll narrow down a palette that I recommend.  

2. You can purchase THE BRAND STYLE WORKBOOK, which will help you understand your ideal customer/client, narrow down your brand personality, help you curate & source brand inspiration, define a color palette, and find fonts that all align with your style.


What if I don't know my colors & fonts?

They are not, but we do provide you with a link to purchase your own license as well as links to free font alternatives. We do suggest to purchase the font that the brand is designed around, just for cohesiveness. Most fonts are around $30 and a business write off :)

Custom lettering: What you see in your brand is what is included (ie: a signature or tagline). If you need additional words/phrases/elements hand-written, they are billed separately. (p.s. we can also try to find you a font alternative). 


Are the fonts & lettering included? 

Unfortunately they do sell fast and there is only one of me ;)  - I typically try to design two new brands every quarter. Ex: 2 launching in December/January.   P.S. I do recommend emailing me to be put on a list, in which I'll email right before launch.


They are all sold out, when will you have more?

We sure do, TAKE A PEEK HERE!


Do you have past examples of customized brands?

Modern or Classic?

want to see palma as

just an example of how different a semi-custom brand can feel when changing fonts & colors!

hop on the

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